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Coup in Myanmar

Date: 02 February 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Myanmar military grabbed power in a coup, ahead of a scheduled meeting of the country’s newly elected Parliament.



Leaders of the civilian government including Aung San Suu Kyi have been put under house arrest.



  • The military takeover came after a week of rumours and speculation ahead of the scheduled opening of Myanmar’s newly elected lower house of Parliament.

  • Amid heightened civilian military tensions, the Myanmar military has put out a statement declaring it would protect and abide by the Constitution.


Reasons for coup

  • The military has alleged that the general elections held in November 2020 were full of irregularities and that therefore, the results are not valid.

  • The military had demanded that the United Elections Commission (UEC) of Myanmar or the government, or outgoing parliamentarians prove at a special session before the new parliament convenes on February 1, that the elections were free and fair. 


Democratic transition

  • Myanmar’s democratic transition had been a work in progress. The results of the 2020 election were being seen by the NLD as a mandate for its plan of constitutional reform.

  • But this was never going to be easy, given the tight constitutional restrictions for amendments.

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