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China witnesses worst Covid outbreak

Date: 02 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The highly transmissible Delta variant of the Coronavirus has been fuelling higher number of cases in China.



The cases have been spreading to all the provinces in the country from the capital Beijing.



  • The media has been dubbing these developments as the worst Covid-19 cases outbreak in the country after Wuhan outbreak in 2019.

  • The cases emerged from a small outbreak first reported in Nanjing Airport. The city is now in total lockdown with mass testing.

  • The city has set up new checkpoints and random public checking is being carried out. Travelling out of the city has been restricted.

  • Authorities have been criticized for not being prepared adequately to handle the outbreak. This has raised question mark of efficiency.


The start

  • The cases started among cleaners working on a flight from Russia. They were not able to follow Covid appropriate protocols.

  • The staffs cleaning domestic and international flights were to be separated. The authorities failed to do this, leading to fast spread.



  • The rise in cases of Delta variant has raised new questions on the efficiency of Chinese vaccines against the mutated strains.

  • There is no clear data on the number of infected individuals receiving vaccines. Many countries have stopped use of Chinese vaccine after it was found ineffective.

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