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Area 51

Date: 23 September 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous


UFO enthusiasts drawn by alien-themed festivities arrived to rural Nevada in the U.S. near the Area 51 U.S. military base, which is rumoured to house government secrets about extraterrestrial life and spaceships.



Recently a facebook post was created for an event to storm Area 51 where more than 2mn people marked themselves as interested in attending the event.

This brought into focus the long mystery-shrouded military base, famous for its existence in movies and conspiracy theories.



  • Area 51 had long been shrouded in mystery, stoking conspiracy theories that it housed the remnants of a flying saucer and the bodies of its alien crew from a supposed unidentified flying object crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

  • The U.S. government did not confirm the base existed until 2013, when it released CIA archives saying the site was used to test top-secret spy planes.

  • Several Americans believe that it was where the government hid bodies of aliens and UFOs and some believe it was here the government held “meetings” with extraterrestrials, and others speculated it was where the government developed “time travel” technology.

Area 51

Area 51, a secret US military facility has become immortalized in pop culture thanks to conspiracy theories. It’s appeared in several films, including blockbusters like Independence Day, and was even the sole subject of a 2015 science-fiction film called Area 51.

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