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Vintage car policy

Date: 21 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The government is set to formally announce a new policy for vintage vehicles in the country. It will not just regulate movement but also ensure sentiments of owners are respected.



The policy has been pending since many years. The idea is to preserve the image of old and heritage vehicles.



  • Currently under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), 1989, there is no definition of Vintage vehicle. A new clause is set to be added.

  • A standard definition will be set up, which says that any vehicle above the age of 50 years after first registration and first sale will be termed a vintage vehicle.

  • This is also applicable for vehicles imported into India. There are conditions imposed on being given vintage titles.

  • These vehicles should not have gone substantial modification on its chassis, outer body and engine. There may be about 5,000 such vehicles in India.


Allowance under new policy

These vintage vehicles cannot be used on a daily basis or use for commercial purposes. They can only be used for exhibitions and time to time ride.


Registering vehicles

  • Existing car with old numbers can be continued. New imported cars or those trying to enter vintage category will have a unique numbering system.

  • The new plates will have a state code followed by VA for specifying vintage. A four digit number will be allotted by the state authority.

  • New vehicle can be registered on the Parivahan portal for Rs 20,000. Re-registration can be done for Rs 5,000 after 10 years.

  • The Vintage vehicles are exempted from Vehicle Scrappage Policy. The owners can keep the vehicles by passing the fitness test.

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