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MPs questions

Date: 06 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A Congress Party MP’s question on NRI harassment in airports was removed from the list of finally admitted questions.



From the past few years, many opposition party MPs have alleged that their questions have been disallowed.



The Member of Parliament have the privilege of seeking answers to their queries in form of starred questions, unstarred questions, short notice questions and questions to private members.


Procedure in Rajya Sabha

  • Rules 47-50 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Council of States govern admission of questions in the Rajya Sabha.

  • If the questions satisfy the conditions for admissibility, it is sent to respective ministries for seeking information.

  • After receiving information, the questions are further scrutinized for admissibility. A final list is later forwarded to the ministers.


Procedure in Lok Sabha

  • The questions in Lok Sabha are in form of Starred, unstarred and short notice questions and are given priority based on ballots after entering into software.

  • The questions are scrutinized for admissibility based on Rules 41-44 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha.

  • Based on questions, various ministries and departments are divided into groups and allocated various days of the week for answering.

  • The grouping is done in such a way that a minister has one fixed day for answering a question in Rajya Sabha and another to Lok Sabha.


Types of questions

  • Starred question

It is marked by an asterisk and the question requires oral answer from the minister. Supplementary questions are allowed.


  • Unstarred question

MPs demanding written answer for a particular question. No supplementary questions are allowed.


  • Short notice questions

An oral answer is sought from a minister by giving a time of less than 10 days. These are matters of urgent importance.


  • Question to private member

A private member is an MP who is not a minister. Such questions are usually regarding a bill or committee of which the MP is a member.


Questioning time

Asking questions and seeking answers is carried out during the first hour of the sitting known as Question hour. Total questions in a day are limited to 175.


Allowed questions

Admitting a question is decided by the presiding officer of the house. Questions that are repetitive or have been answered previously; and matters that are pending for judgment before any court of law or under consideration before a Parliamentary Committee are not permitted.

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