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Government launches PCS1X Maritime e-commerce Portal

Date: 19 February 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous

Union Ministry of Shipping launched PCS1x portal, an upgraded version of e-commerce portal Port Community System (PCS). It was launched at Regional Maritime Safety Conference held in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Port Community System(PCS)

  • It is neutral and open electronic platform that enables secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders to improve the competitive position of seaport communities.
  • It optimises, manages, and automates port and logistics efficient processes through single submission of data and connecting transport and logistic chains.
  • It integrates all electronic flow of trade related document/information and functions as centralized hub for ports of India and other stakeholders in maritime sector.
  • It facilitates transparent and paperless system for electronic submission of trade document which has resulted in faster turnaround time and dwell time.
  • It has played important role in digitization in EXIM trade and enhancing ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in maritime sector.


  • It has been developed by Indian Ports Association (IPA), based on feedback from stakeholders using PCS.
  • It is new generation system with user-friendly interface that brings together various stakeholders of maritime sector.
  • It facilitates Government-to-Business (G2B), Business-to-Government (B2G) and Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions within required legal framework. It ensures extreme levels of cyber security.
  • It allows improvement in payment cycle, transparency of  transaction cycles, detailed tracking of vessels and berthing schedules.
  • It can be integrated with gate system with RIFD, can produce e-copy of reports and notices and can be used for cargo/truck trailer tracking. It also allows better stakeholder coordination.
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