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Faceless transport initiative

Date: 16 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The government of Delhi has introduced Faceless initiative by closing the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in the UT.



 Regional Transport Offices (RTO) are destinations for issue related to driving license, ownership and other transport department services.



  • The government says that 33 out of the 35 services offered by the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) can be obtained online without physical visit.

  • The move is said to benefit public from getting rid of brokers, middle-men, long queues and other delays associated with the department.



  • There is a belief that Regional Transport Offices (RTO) have turned into a den of corruption due to nexus of officials and middlemen. There is corruption in every service.

  • The move will ensure that people will no longer need to visit Regional Transport Offices (RTO) physically and avoid facing corruption related problems.



  • The service will rely mainly on verification of Aadhar credentials of an individual. People unwilling to share Aadhar number will have alternative mechanism.

  • Individual applying for license will have to enter Aadhar number and later verify using OTP. The documents will be verified from Central Database of Aadhar. Separate provisions are included for adding digital signature and making payments.


Non-Aadhar method

  • Individuals unwilling to share their Aadhar number will have to upload the relevant documents along with the photo and signature based on guidelines.

  • Individuals can also opt for the doorstep service facility of the government where an individual will help them with the application process.


Services not covered

At present, two services will have to be obtained physically. They are vehicle fitness certificate and also driving license.


Obtaining documents

The physical documents will be delivered at doorstep through speed post. A digital copy will also be uploaded online and the link will be notified.

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