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Chawls redevelopment projects in Maharashtra

Date: 04 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The redevelopment of Bombay Development Department (BDD) chawls in Mumbai has been undertaken by the government of Maharashtra.



  • Chaal or chawl means passage or corridor in local Marathi language. They are dwelling consisting of one or two units.

  • They are not independent houses and rather share common sanitary facilities with others. They may be one floored, five floored or less.

  • Residents of one floor may share same bathrooms or the whole chawl may have a common washing place at an adjoining area.


Construction of BDD chawls

  • The British Government has established Bombay Development Department (BDD) in 1920 for constructing cheap accommodation.

  • This was done to facilitate renting and staying of large migrant worker population coming to Bombay to work in docks and mills.


Reasons for redevelopment

  • The structures are in very bad condition due to their age. Residents have been demanding that they be upgraded.

  • Under the new plans, residents staying in 150 sq ft houses will get 500 sq ft houses in new redevelopment projects.

  • The project would be funded by utilizing only 68% of the land for redevelopment and the rest would be sold to builders in open market to get revenue.

  • Group of companies including Tata Projects and Capacite Infraprojects would be constructing a 40 storey building for residents within the next three years.



  • The project is set up in areas which are considered the traditional strongholds of Shiv Sena, the leader of the ruling alliance in the state.

  • The move will consolidate the voter base of the party ahead of the upcoming elections to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

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