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Vertical Launch Short Range Surface to Air Missile (VL-SRSAM)

Date: 14 December 2021 Tags: Military


India has successfully tested the Vertical Launch Short Range Surface to Air Missile (VL-SRSAM) for use in Indian Naval Ships.



This is the second consecutive time that India has tested the VL-SRSAM since February this year.



  • The three facilities of Defence Research and Development Organisation jointly designed and developed the VL-SRSAM for deploying in Indian Naval warships.

  • The missile has the capability to target aerial threats at close ranges including sea-skimming targets. 

  • The sea skimming tactic is used by anti-ship missiles and some fighter jets to avoid getting detected. They fly close to sea surface, making it difficult to detect.



  • High-speed air-borne targets within 40 to 50 km range, flying at an altitude of around 15 km, can be targeted.

  • The design of VL-SRSAM is based on Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missile Astra missile. This makes it a potent weapon.


Special feature

  • Main features include cruciform wings and thrust vectoring. They give the projective a stable aerodynamic posture.

  • The thrust vectoring gives it the ability to change the direction of the thrust from its engine and control velocity and the attitude of the missile.

  • The missile is in cannisterised form. It makes transport and storage easier and improves the shelf life of weapons.


Significance of test

  • The successful testing of these systems is critical for future launches of the missile from Indian Naval Ships during actual conditions.

  • These missiles can be used in countermeasure technology to protect naval assets from enemy offensive.

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