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INS Sagardhwani flagged off for Sagar Maitri Mission 2

Date: 19 July 2019 Tags: Military

Oceanographic research vessel of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), INS Sagardhwani was recently flagged off for scientific venture called ‘ Marine & Allied Interdisciplinary Training and Research Initiative (MAITRI) aka Sagar Maitri Mission 2.

Sagar Maitri Mission 2

  • Conceptualized by DRDO is in consonance with Government’s vision of ‘Safety And Growth of All in the Region (SAGAR)’ to promote closer cooperation in socio-economic aspects, as well as greater scientific interaction, especially in ocean research in underwater acoustics, among Indian Ocean Region (IOR) countries. MAITRI is specific scientific of this vision and component of DRDO.
  • It commemorates Golden Jubilee Celebrations of India’s lone research ship INS Kistna’s missions as part of historic International Indian Ocean Expeditions(IIOE), which took place during 1962-65.
  • In this mission, INS Sagardhwani will revisit selected tracks of INS Kistna and provide NPOL scientists ample opportunities to collaborate and garner close working relationship with oceanographic counterparts of the IOR countries.
  • Objectives: (i) Data collection from entire North Indian Ocean, (ii) Focus on Andaman Sea and adjoining seas, (iii) Establish long term collaboration with eight IOR countries in  field of Ocean Research and Development. These eight countries include Oman, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.
  • Agencies Involved:  Indian Navy and NPOL.
  • Ocean Research Diplomacy: It will help to establish long term scientific collaboration with eight IOR countries in the of ‘Ocean Research & Development’ and data collection with focus in the Andaman Sea. Thus, it will help to enhancing research and strengthening relationships with South East Asian countries and is therefore being termed as SAGAR MAITRI.

About INS Sagardhwani

It was built indigenously by GRSE Ltd, Kolkata and commissioned in July 1994. It Marine Acoustic Research Ship (MARS) operated by Indian Navy and conducts of scientific and research programmes of NPOL. It is fitted with state of the art equipment, including newly fitted wave height measuring radar for conducting scientific research. In last last 25 years, it has carried out intensive oceanographic observational programmes/ research.

Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL):  It is a premier systems laboratory of DRDO. It is based Kochi, Kerala. It conducts ocean research experiments in the Indian waters and spearheads NPOL’s at-sea data collection activities.

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