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Jharkhand exits agreement on power dues

Date: 09 January 2021 Tags: Infrastructure


Jharkhand exited from a Tripartite Agreement (TPA) between the state, Government of India (GOI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).



The TPA was invoked after the state government failed to clear its outstanding power supply dues to Damodar Valley Corporation. 



The agreement

  • The agreement was signed between GOI, Jharkhand state and RBI in 2017 stating that the state government shall ensure that the state power distribution companies make the supply payment due to the Central Public Sector Units within the period specified in the supply agreement.

  • In the event of State Power Utilities committing a breach in the terms, the state government shall independently and as a principal debtor become liable for the payment.

  • As per the TPA, it authorises the GOI to instruct RBI to act promptly on its instructions i.e. to debit the amount.

  • More than Rs 1,400 crore has already been deducted from Jharkhand’s RBI account. The money currently being deducted is from the consolidated fund, which has been given by the centre for various developmental schemes.


Damodar valley

  • Damodar River flows across the states of Jharkhand and West Bengal. Rich in mineral resources, the valley is home to large-scale mining and industrial activity.

  • Earlier known as the Sorrow of Bengal because of its ravaging floods in the plains of West Bengal, the Damodar and its tributaries have been somewhat tamed with the construction of several dams.

  • It has a number of tributaries and subtributaries, such as Barakar, Konar, Bokaro, Haharo, Jamunia, Ghari, Guaia, Khadia and Bhera.

  • The Damodar valley is rich in coal. The important coalfields in the basin are Jharia, Raniganj, West Bokaro, East Bokaro, Ramgarh, South Karanpura, and North Karanpura.

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