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Tharu tribals of Uttar Pradesh

Date: 09 December 2020 Tags: Indian Tribes


Uttar Pradesh government has recently launched a scheme to take the unique culture of the Tharu tribes all over the world.



The intention of the scheme is to put these tribal villages on tourism map. This will create jobs and bring economic Independence to the tribal population in the region.



  • It is a Homestay scheme under which the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department will offer tourists an experience of living in the natural habitat of Tharu tribals on the international border with Nepal. These huts are made of grass collected from the forest. 

  • Uttar Pradesh Forest Department will be training the tribals to communicate with the tourists. They will also encourage the tribals to acquaint with aspects of cleanliness and safety.

  • The Tharu tribals shall also charge the tourists for their home cooked meals and accommodation. The participation of both domestic and international tourists are expected under the scheme.

  • Several tourists are interested to obtain the taste of tribal culture by staying with them, observing their food habits, lifestyle, and attire.


The Tharus

  • The Tharu tribe belongs to the lowlands located in the Shivalik or the lower Himalayas. Most of these people are forest dwellers practicing agriculture. The word Tharu means Followers of Theravada Buddhism.

  • They are distributed both in Nepal and India. In India they are mostly distributed in Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

  • The origin of the Tharu people is not clear but surrounded by myths and oral tradition. The Rana Tharus claim to be of Rajput origin and to have migrated from the Thar Desert to Nepal's Far Western Terai region.

  • Tharu people farther east claim to be descendants of the ??kya and Koliya peoples living in Kapilvastu.

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