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Vladimir Putin’s visit to India

Date: 10 December 2021 Tags: India & World


Russian President Vladimir Putin was on a short but important official visit to India, catching the global attention.



The Russian President has hardly ventured out of his country during the pandemic, except for the summit in Geneva.



  • India and Russia have historical ties spanning seven decades. In recent times it has reduced but still going strong due to defence ties.

  • The dependence on Russian arms has been reduced by diversification but still it contributes to about 60-70% of defence equipments.

  • India wants reliable supply of spare parts for its existing Russian equipments. This move has been closely watched by Chinese establishment.


Discussion topics

  • The government of India will be discussing issue of defence equipment supply and purchase of new systems.

  • There is also a concern about emerging situation in Afghanistan. Keeping terrorism under the lids is a challenge for all the regional players.

  • There will be an effort to take forward the agenda set in Russia-India-China (RIC), BRICS and SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summits.

  • The new the 2+2 ministerial meeting between the Foreign and Defence ministers of both sides will be launched soon.

  • Russia will be one among select countries with which India will have 2+2 meet format.


Important defence deal

  • The Rs 5,000 crore AK 203 Kalashnikov rifles deal was negotiated and signed during the meet. Under the deal, five lakh such rifles will be manufactured at Korwa in Amethi by an Indo-Russian joint venture.

  • There are future plans to jointly manufacture military equipment and platforms. This will increase the military cooperation between the countries.

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