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India, US renew Triangular Development Cooperation in Asia and Africa

Date: 30 March 2019 Tags: India & World

India and United States have signed first amendment to Statement of Guiding Principles (SGP) on Triangular Cooperation for Global Development. It renews SGP agreement, which was signed by both countries in November 2014.

Statement of Guiding Principles (SGP) Agreement

It provides framework for promoting bilateral cooperation to meet developmental aspirations of partner countries, particularly in Asia and Africa. It underscores contribution of India-US partnership to global stability and prosperity.

First amendment

  • It extends its validity up to 2021. It also expands scope of capacity building activities undertaken jointly by India and US under this framework.
  • It also provides consultative mechanism for joint biannual monitoring and review of activities undertaken under SGP.
  • Under it, India and US will continue to offer capacity building assistance to partner countries in multiple sectors, focusing primarily on agriculture, trade and investments, nutrition, health, water, sanitation, education, women empowerment, regional connectivity, clean and renewable energy, disaster preparedness and institution building.
  • It will help to fulfil India-US joint commitment to work together and leverage their combined capacities to provide demand-driven development partnership.
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