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Freedom of air

Date: 10 November 2021 Tags: India & World


Pakistan has denied permission for airspace for the Srinagar-Sharjah GoFirst (formerly known as GoAir) flight.



The flight was inaugurated by the Home Minister on October 23rd and was supposed to fly over Pakistan to reach the destination.



  • The flight has a travel time of 3 hr 45 minutes but was delayed by 40 minutes as it had to take a longer route over Gujarat to avoid Pakistani airspace.

  • Experts reckon that Pakistan has violated the first freedom of air by denying permission for the flight to travel over the country.


The route

  • The plane was supposed to travel over Pakistani airspace before heading southwest and arriving in Sharjah.

  • It was then routed south over Rajasthan and Gujarat before travelling west over the Arabian Sea and flying through Omani airspace before entering the UAE.


Reason for denial

  • A similar incident took place in 2009 when Pakistan denied Srinagar-Dubai flight to use its airspace while travelling.

  • Surprisingly, Pakistan has not barred other Indian flights from travelling over their airspace. This further violates the first freedom of air.


Freedom of air

  • Fundamental building blocks for international commercial aviation were set up during the 1944 Chicago Convention.

  • For framing rules, six freedom of air were decided. They were supposed to act as an international cooperation agreements.

  • The first freedom of air provides the right to an airline of one country to fly over a second country and land in a third country.

  • The second freedom of air provides right to refuel or carry out maintenance in a foreign country without disembarking cargo or passengers.

  • The third and the fourth freedoms provide the right to fly from the airline’s home country to another and from a foreign country to the airline’s own.

  • The remaining rights are regarding the operation of an airline between two countries not including the country of its origin and within a foreign country with and without having a stop in the home country.

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