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Early arrival of southwest monsoon

Date: 17 June 2021 Tags: Geography & Environment


The southwest monsoon has managed to envelope two-thirds of the country within 10 days of it entering the country.



  • In several parts of southern peninsula and central India, the monsoon has managed to arrive 7 to 10 days ahead of the schedule.

  • Northwest part of the country such as Haryana, Western Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Punjab has been bypassed by the monsoon.

  • Except parts of northeast, Jammu and West Bengal, most of the part of the country has received more than the normal rainfall during this period.


Reasons for early arrival

  • The monsoon managed to arrive on time over Andaman Sea due to the Yaas cyclone that occurred.

  • Even though it was two days behind schedule, the westerly winds blowing from the Arabian Sea has pushed the clouds into the interiors.

  • Offshore low-pressure area over the Arabian Sea has helped monsoon onset early in parts of Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.


Future pace

  • The early arrival does not mean that it will completely envelope faster. There is likely to be delay in further spread across the country until fresh impulse is received.

  • Mid-latitude westerly winds are expected to arrive near northwest India which is likely to cause more delay in monsoon advancement.


Nature of rainfall

  • The country or parts may still witness deficient rainfall even if monsoon has covered it. This can be due to variety of factors.

  • In the current situation, the rainfall received until June 15 is above the normal. The arrival has no impact on the final monsoon rains.



The extreme weather conditions such as intensive rainfall over short duration or extended dry spells can be an indication of climate change.



  • Monsoon is a seasonal reversal of wind system that brings in moisture laden clouds into the subcontinent to cause rainfall.

  • The monsoon winds enter India from the southwest part and later manage to spread across the country. It is the main backbone of India’s agricultural system.

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