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Chile protests

Date: 26 October 2019 Tags: Geography & Environment


As many as millions of Chileans have marched to the capital Santiaga for a peaceful demonstration against inequalities in the nation.



Chile's unrest is the latest in a flare-up of protests in South America and around the world, each with local triggers but also sharing underlying anger at social disparities and ruling elites.



  • The protests began in Chile's capital, Santiago, as a coordinated fare evasion campaign by secondary school students which led to spontaneous takeovers of the city's main train stations and open confrontations with the Chilean Police.

  • Chileans are also frustrated with the increasing cost of living, as well as low wages and pensions, a lack of education rights, a poor public health system and crippling inequality.

  • It is the worst violence the country has witnessed since the end of the 17-year-long military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in 1990.

  • The majority of protests taking place across the country have seen civilians take to the streets, banging spoons against cooking pots, a form of protest known as cacerolazo, calling for the resignation of Pinera.

  • The protests began as a student-led demonstration against transport fares. The government announced that the metro rush hour prices would rise.

  • Metro stations, supermarkets, and petrol stations were burned throughout the night, leading the president to call a state of emergency.

  • From then on, a nationwide movement began, seeing people occupy the streets and demanding the president's resignation.



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