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Moon’s wobble to cause coastal flooding in US

Date: 19 July 2021 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management


A new study by NASA has found that coastal cities in United States will face high tide flooding by mid 2030s.



The climate change and sea level rise are a result of global warming event. This can put many areas under threat.



  • The already rising sea levels will be further amplified by the wobble of the moon. Such event will be detrimental to future.

  • Already many such high flood events in coastal cities have been taking place in US. The new study has tried to find the astronomical reason.

  • The lunar cycle already has a major role in rise and fall of sea levels. It will coincide with rise in sea water due to melting of glacial rice.

  • The researchers are making efforts to make detailed study of the event and tracking the event to find any pattern.


The moon’s wobble

  • The wobble is not new. It was observed since 1700s. The issue is the effect it will have due to already dangerous sea level rise.

  • The wobble has an 18.6 years cycle. During the first half, the daily tide is suppressed and in the later half they are amplified.

  • In the 2030s the high amplification cycle will arrive. It will combine with rising sea levels to cause coastal floods in coastal cities including Guam and Hawaii.

  • The event will have less water flooding cities in comparison to storm surges but persistent occurrence will have a toll on economy and infrastructure.

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