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Idukki dam

Date: 21 October 2021 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management


Water has been released from the Idukki dam of Kerala after predictions of heavy rainfall in the catchment area.



This is second time in three years that the reservoir has discharged water. The release of water was done as a precautionary measure.



  • The Idukki dam is the largest dam of Kerala and one of the highest arch dams of Asia. The gates of Cheruthoni dam was opened to let water out.

  • The water will be discharged into the Cheruthoni River through the spillway and join the Periyar River at Vellakayam. 

  • The other dams located in downstream areas have been opened in anticipation of discharge from upstream dams in the catchment area.

  • The decision to open the gates of the dams was taken by the high-level committee appointed by the state government to control water levels.


Measures taken

  • The administration has already started the process of evacuating people from river sides to temporary shelters located farther.

  • In 2018, serious floods were observed in Periyar river areas that led to unplanned discharge of water from the reservoir.

  • Lack of proper warning had led to submergence of villages and settlements located on the river banks. Life and property were damaged during the event.

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