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Heaviest rain in China

Date: 23 July 2021 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management


China is witnessing one of the biggest floods and incessant rainfall in recent years. Major cities have drowned under the rains.



The floods have particularly had an intense effect on Zhengzhou city, where cars are seen floating and people waiting in neck-deep waters.



  • This was the heaviest rainfall in last 1,000 years in Henan province in central China. It received annual average rainfall within a space of two days.

  • Many people have been evacuated from low lying areas of the city. More than dozen have lost their lives. Important landmarks such as Shaolin temple have also been flooded.

  • The central government has deployed army soldiers for rescue operations. More rainfall is predicted in coming days.

  • People are now taking refuge in public buildings such as libraries, cinema halls, community halls and malls to protect against the floods.

  • Important hospital of the city lost power due to the floods. This has prompted government to evacuate critically ill patients.

  • Several flights and railways were suspended. The continuous rains have damaged dams and other infrastructure as rivers are rising at an alarming rate.


Damage to infrastructure

Yihetan dam has experienced a breach, prompting authorities to completely break the dam to prevent sudden flooding downstream.


Cause for heavy floods

  • The reason is said to be incoming typhoon called In-Fa. It has been pushing moisture interiors causing them to concentrate over Zhengzhou city.

  • Zhengzhou city is surrounded by Funiu and Taihang mountains, which has allowed clouds to gather and cause rainfall.

  • The city is located on the banks of Huang Ho or Yellow river. The river is infamous for heavy floods it causes annually.

  • Artificial structure such as dams have regulated flow of water in the river but such heavy rains have made them useless.

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