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Air turbulence

Date: 10 June 2021 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management


A Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Mumbai to Kolkata experienced severe turbulence during its landing that caused injuries to passengers.


The event has been termed as an incident by the DGCA. The authority will investigate the case to find reasons behind the occurrence.


  • The flight was travelling to Kolkata with 113 people on board. When it was at an altitude between 15,000 feet and 20,000 feet, it experienced a severe turbulence.
  • Out of the eight people injured, three of them were termed serious and admitted to the hospital. The remaining were given first aid and cleared to leave.


Causes of turbulence

  • Turbulence is termed as a form of disruption observed in airflow over the wings of an aircraft. This causes the plane to experience irregular vertical motion.
  • The turbulence can be weather based when the plane moves through clouds or thunderstorms. It can be also be due to jet stream or wind.
  • There is another type of turbulence known as Wake turbulence that is formed at wing tips when aircraft flies through air.


Dangers of turbulence

  • The dangers posed by the turbulence are dependent on intensity and the nature. Pilots are usually trained to handle such turbulences.
  • Turbulence singularly cannot cause accidents. It can be a combination of technical failure, lack of training or weather that can bring down a plane.


Passenger preparation to counter turbulences

Passengers are advised by the crew to sit on their seats with seat belt in place. This will prevent them from getting injured.

Aircrafts avoiding turbulences

  • Adequate training should be provided to the pilots so that they can steer the aircraft to safety and avoid damage.
  • There should be real-time weather predictions to look out for short-notice weather changes that are usually dangerous.
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