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World Sparrow Day observed on 20 March

Date: 20 March 2019 Tags: Days & Dates

The world sparrow day (WSD) is observed every year on March 20 to raise awareness of house sparrow and other common birds in urban environments and educated people about threats to their populations. Observance of this say seeks to provide platform to underscore need to conserve sparrows as well as the urban biodiversity. The theme of 2019 WSD is “I love sparrows”. It hopes that more and more people celebrate the relationship between People And Sparrows.

Declining Population

The sparrow, especially common house sparrow is one of oldest companions of human beings. In last few years its population is declining for various reasons such as destruction of its habitat, lack of insect food for young and increasing microwave pollution from mobile phone towers.

World sparrow day (WSD)

It is international initiative of Nature Forever Society of India (NFSI), Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and also numerous other national and international organisations across the world. The first WSD was organised in 2010 across different parts of the world.

In 2012, Delhi Government had launched campaign “Rise of Sparrows” aimed at conservation of House Sparrow. It was also declared as ‘state bird’ of Delhi for its conservation.

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