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Russian lands of permafrost and mammoths is now thawing

Date: 08 August 2019 Tags: Climate Change

Context: As the Arctic, including much of Siberia, warms at least twice as fast as rest of the world, the permafrost (permanently frozen ground) is thawing.



  • Oddities like the wolf’s head have been more frequently in al land already known for spitting out frozen woolly mammoths whole.
  • The thawing of the permafrost is reshaping this incredibly remote region sometimes called as the “Kingdom of Winter.”
  • It is one of the coldest inhabited places on earth.


  • The loss of permafrost deforms the landscape itself, knocking down houses and barns.
  • The migration pattern of the animals, hunted for centuries, are shifting, and severe floods wreak havoc almost every spring.
  • Indigenous people are more threatened than ever; residents joust constantly with nature in unpredictable way, leaving them feeling baffled, unsettled, helpless, depressed and irritated.
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