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Ice berg breaks off near Antarctica

Date: 02 October 2019 Tags: Climate Change


The iceberg, named D28, broke away from the Amery ice shelf, according to observations from European and American satellites.



Iceberg production and destruction is part of the cycle of ice shelves, which are an extension of the ice cap. Scientists have said that the event is part of a normal cycle and is not related to climate change.



  • Antarctica is the world’s fifth largest continent, and it is, on average, the highest and coldest continent.

  • Iceberg production in Antarctica is part of the normal cycle of ice shelves, which are an extension of the ice cap.


Importance of ice shelves

  • Glaciers store about 69 percent of the world's fresh water.

  • Glaciers are important indicators of global warming and climate change.

  • They keep the temperature of the earth under control through cooling action.


Implications of ice melting

  • If all land ice melted, sea level would rise approximately 70 meters (230 feet) worldwide.

  • The glaciers are great reflector of solar radiation. They ensure that most of the sun rays are reflected back. Their reduction will result in more solar radiation and subsequent warming.

  • The polar ice contain large amount of carbon trapped underneath them. Their melting will emit the carbon back to the atmosphere.

    • The ancient polar ice has trapped some of the ancient microbes which are different from current pathogens. Their melting will release these pathogens back into the atmosphere and it can result in epidemics.

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