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New Drug to treat Pancreatic Cancer

Date: 15 August 2019 Tags: Biotechnology



A new drug has been approved by regulators that can treat Pancreatic Cancer more effectively.



  • Pancreatic cancer is particularly known for spreading to distant parts of the body, part of the reason overall five-year survival is just 9 per cent.
  • This form of cancer very resistant to chemotherapy drugs mainly due to its ability to form a hard layer that prevents chemo drugs from having its effect on the cells.

Features of Drug

  • Radiation and the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine, which are the standard treatment for pancreatic cancer, both work by causing damage to DNA. But pancreatic cancer has a way of repairing that damage, which limits how effective these therapies can be
  • AZD1775 prevented pancreatic cancer from protecting itself against the effects of radiation and gemcitabine, while leaving normal cells relatively unaffected.
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