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Surge in Kargil fish along Karnataka coast

Date: 13 November 2019 Tags: Biodiversity


Changes in climatic conditions have affected the quantity of popular fish species, while giving way for the heavy occurance of trigger fish or Kargil fish that has meagre commercial value, along the Karnataka coast.



  • Reseachers say that higher atmospheric temperature has also led to higher carbon dioxide concentration making water acidic with lower dissolved oxygen levels thereby affecting primary productivity in the coastal waters.

  • The conventional specifies such as Sardines and Mackerel are affected with non-availability of phytoplankton, zooplankton and other micro organism components and thus have shown decrease in numbers.

  • Trigger fish or Odonus niger is called Kargil fish and the species was largely observed in the coast from Kerala to Gujarat.

  • The red-toothed Kargil fish is normally found in the bottom region of the seas, occurring in enormous shoals and is caught in large quantities in trawl nets during the monsoon season as well as in other months.

  • These fish were found in areas where there are rocks and at 40- 60 fathom depth. At present, it is found even in shallow regions.

  • The region is also experiencing high frequency of cyclonic conditions with higher intensity following climatic changes.

  • Cyclonic condition increases sea water turbulence leading to increased suspended solids in the sea water column thereby affecting primary production. Hence, there could be a shift in the fish population and diversity.

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