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Jerzego sunillimaye: New jumping spider species discovered in Aarey Colony

Date: 02 April 2019 Tags: Biodiversity

New species of jumping spider named Jerzego sunillimaye was discovered in Aarey Colony, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has been named to honour Sunil Limaye, additional principal chief conservator of forest (wildlife east), Maharashtra forest department.

Jerzego sunillimaye

  • It is the fourth spider species under genus Jerzego in the world and the second from India. It is also first species of this genus whose taxonomic details, mating behaviour, and egg development have been documented.
  • It was seen for the first time in 2016 in eco-sensitive, dry-deciduous habitat of Aarey Colony. It was identified new spider species recently after its detail study.
  • It has large eyes, dark grey body colouration, and distinctly coloured abdomen with a crescent shaped golden-yellow stripe in its latter half.
  • Length of the male species is 5.52mm and female is almost twice size at 10.3mm. It is hunter and usually hunts during the day. It possesses brilliant vision and swift reflexes.

Jumping spiders comprise 13% of global spider diversity and family Salticidae under which they are classified is the largest family of spiders. Of the earlier known three species in the world from Jerzego genus, only one species is known from the Indian subcontinent. Two other species are known from Sumatra and Borneo in Southeast Asia. Aarey colonoy is also home to other jumping spiders such as Langelurillus onyx and Langelurillus lacteus.

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