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Dolphins found dead in west African coast

Date: 28 September 2019 Tags: Biodiversity


Authorities at Cape Verde islands off West Africa are trying to determine why more than 100 dolphins died on a local beach.



 Around 200 melon-headed dolphins were found on a beach on Boa Vista island on September 24. Officials, residents and tourists managed to drag some of them back out to sea, but many returned.


Reasons for stranding

  • Changing tides

There are many instances when a single or group of dolphin are pushed onto the shore due to tide patterns that disrupt their movement.

  • Prey

Dolphins chase their prey and wander onto the shallow waters and are unable to get back to safety of deep seas.

  • Pollution

It is also alleged that sea pollution in form of oil spilling disrupt the dolphins from their usual path. This forces them to wander away from their herd and get stranded.

  • Naval sonar

Dolphins rely on sonar technology to navigate their way through deep waters. The artificial sonar used by naval ships can interrupt their natural frequency forcing them to wander.

  • Parasitic activity

Parasites present in the body of the dolphins can affect their functions including brain activity. This can force them to migrate land wards.

  • Seismic activities

Under water earthquakes can also force the dolphins to abandon their sea abode and get stranded on the beach.

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