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Jharkhand’s job reservation bill

Date: 18 March 2021 Tags: Bills & Laws


The Jharkhand government has announced 75% reservation in jobs for locals in private sector having a salary up to Rs 30,000.



With the announcement, Jharkhand joins states such as Haryana and Andhra Pradesh that have formulated a similar law.



  • The proposed bill will consider shops, mines, ventures, enterprises, industries, , societies, companies, trusts, Limited Liability Partnership firms and any person employing ten or more persons as the private sector and an entity. 

  • Every employer will have to register employees on a portal who are getting gross monthly salary or wages not more than Rs 30, 000 within three months of implementation.

  • No new person should be hired or employed unless the registration process is complete on the designated portal.

  • In addition, no local candidate will be eligible to obtain 75 per cent benefit without registering themselves on the designated portal.



  • The bill considers a local candidate as an individual who is a resident of Jharkhand and is registered on the designated portal. 

  • Determining the designation of ‘Jharkhandi’ is a bone of contention and has not been resolved yet by successive governments.



  • The employer will be eligible for exemption when an adequate number of local candidates of the desired skill qualification are not available. He will have to apply to a Designated Officer.

  • The officer can accept or reject the proposal or may direct the local employer to train the local candidates as per need.


Checks and Balances

  • An employer has to provide a quarterly return about vacancies and employment on the portal. An Authorised Officer (AO) may pass an order seeing the compliance of the policy.  

  • If the employer fails to cooperate with the officer or showing non-compliance, he/she will be liable to be punished.

  • The employer can file an appeal within 60 days of an order passed by the AO or DO in front of an Appellate Authority.



  • The penalty for not registering themselves on the given portal is Rs 50, 000 and may extend up to Rs 1 lakh.

  • In case of records faking, the penalty will be up to Rs 50, 000 and if the offence is committed again, the penalty will be between Rs two to five lakh.

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