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Caste census

Date: 27 July 2021 Tags: Bills & Laws


The government will not elaborate the caste-wise census data anywhere in future except that of SC/ST population.



Many leaders have demanded that the government carry out a caste-based census and the results of which should be made public.



  • Data on Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are published every year since the first independent India census of 1951 till 2011. Pre-independence census had no data on any caste.

  • The caste data was collected during 1941 but was not published. This was due to the enormous work that had to be done.

  • Since there is no caste based census, no proper data on OBCs and other subcategory of OBCs is with the government.

  • The estimation by Mandal commission puts OBC numbers at 52 percent of the population. Political parties make their own estimation during elections.


Demand for caste census

  • Mostly such demand is made by other backward castes and lower sections. This is usually opposed by the upper castes.

  • The National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC), a constitutional body, has asked the government to conduct OBC census as a part of Census of India 2021 exercise.


Government stand

The government says that it was decided not to reveal caste details based on its policy. However, the government has decided to collect data on OBC for the first time.

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