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WhatsApp privacy policy

Date: 24 May 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


The Ministry of Information Technology has warned WhatsApp against implementing its new privacy policy in India.



WhatsApp had decided to bring a new privacy policy in India under which it was feared that data of users could be harvested for Facebook.



  • The government is also contemplating a legal action if WhatsApp goes ahead and implements its privacy policy in India.

  • The government alleges that the new policy rules violate the values of informational privacy, data security of Indian users.


The conflict

  • The conflict between the government and the company has been going on since January when WhatsApp introduced its new privacy policy.

  • The ministry had then written a letter to the company and said that the new rules allowed the company to make invasive actions on data about users.

  • It had then asked the company to give the various ways in which data was obtained and whether consent was obtained for the same.

  • The policy of the company for other countries was also discussed. It had also demanded information on profiling of individuals if it has been carried out.


Options for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp may find it difficult to push ahead with its policy when there is such an opposition from the government.

  • The government is also asking the reason why the company was in hurry to implement the new policy when a new law on personal data protection will be coming out.

  • The company is likely to cut down its warnings and threats of deactivation until time being. It will buy time for it to act.

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