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QR code for women safety

Date: 29 August 2019 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers



Delhi Police have fitted atleat 1500 taxis and autos outside railway and metro stations, and airport with QR codes. This feature is meant to ensure only verified drivers ferry passengers.




Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijlal launched the “QR Code” scheme, which will be delivered through Delhi Police’s “Himmat Plus” app which is meant to ensure the safety of women.



  • The QR codes will be put on public transport vehicles such as auto-rickshaws and non-app (black-and-yellow) cabs. Passengers, especially women, will be able to verify the details of drivers, and send a distress signal in an emergency.
  • The code can be scanned by using the Himmat Plus app. If a user chooses to report the journey using the ‘Report Journey’ button, the app will send the passenger’s location and the driver’s unique ID to the police.
  • In case the driver is not registered, the passenger can call the police control room in case of an emergency, or tap the ‘SOS’ button on the app.

Himmat Plus app

  • The Himmat Plus app was launched in 2015 to allow users to make a distress call or send an emergency message to Delhi Police and the emergency contact.
  • While the Himmat Plus app is targeted at women’s safety, both men and women can register themselves.
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