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New VPN rules

Date: 09 May 2022 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


The CERT-In has asked virtual private network (VPN) companies to collect customer data and maintain it for five years or more.



  • VPN companies will have to store user information even after they delete their account or cancel their subscription.

  • Companies will have to store user names, IP addresses, usage patterns, and other forms of identifiable information.

  • The policy will come into action from June 2022. Vulnerabilities such as fake mobile apps, data breaches, and unauthorized access to social media accounts etc have been asked to report.



    • Companies will have to give up on user privacy by storing information. Earlier, they did not have any storage mechanisms.

    • Switching to storage servers means higher costs for companies. Many companies are contemplating exiting Indian market for fear of implementation.


Impact on users

    • Keeping data allows VPN companies to access connection logs. They can identify IP address and server originally connected to. This information can be shared with enforcement agencies.

    • The address of websites visited, messages sent or received and list of applications and services accessed through device can be monitored.



VPN is a tool that masks internet address of user to give them privacy and anonymity. This makes it more difficult for third parties to track activities online or steal data. 



    • VPN encrypts internet traffic and disguises online identity. The traffic is directed through a third-party server.

    • Currently, VPNs operate only with RAM-disk servers and other log-less technology to prevent any data capture. 


Concerns with VPN

  • VPN is used by individuals to perform illegal actions on the internet such as accessing banned websites.

  • Antinational forces use VPN to hide their activities from government agencies. This is especially true for terrorists.

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