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Google’s ad-tracking policies

Date: 07 June 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


Google is planning to change its policies on users who have opted out of interest-based personalised ads on the Android system.



Many companies such as Apple have updated their privacy policy and allowed users to deny interest based ads that are provided by tracking their activity.



  • The ad IDs can be still used by developers to profile user interests. These changes will takes place later in the year.

  • Apple has given the users an option to allow it to track their activities. The permissions are off by default and can be switched on by users.


Changes introduced by Google

  • All phones having Google Play services have a unique and user-resettable ID that can be used by developers for advertising.

  • Once the new changes come into play and users deny permission, this resettable ID will not be available for developers.

  • The developer will not receive this id for their app and instead they will get zeroes that cannot be used for targeted ads.

When will changes occur?

The company says that such changes will take place in batches. The latest Android version and all phones supporting Play services will adhere to these changes by 2022.


Other identifiers

Google will still support some persistent identifiers. Developers can use these identifiers for purposes other than targeted ads. They will have to respect privacy laws and handle data responsibly.


Difference with Apple features

  • Apple disables tracking feature from the beginning itself and users have to enable it to track them. Google has them enabled and they can disable.

  • Apple app developers have to compulsorily provide a push notification for users to know that tracking can be done. There is no clarity on Google methodology about notifications.

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