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Google maps to show eco-friendly path

Date: 02 April 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


Google maps is planning to introduce a new feature in their service that will allow it to direct individuals on a path that is more eco-friendly.



The idea of low carbon footprint has been planned in order to reduce pollution due to vehicular traffic.



  • The calculation of route that produces lowest carbon footprint will be done by considering various factors such as traffic data, congestion history, and road inclines.

  • The feature will be launched firstly in United States and later there are plans of expanding it all over the globe.

  • When the feature will be launched, the default route showed by the application will be eco-friendly. Users have the option of selecting alternative route.

  • The application will show comparison between eco-friendly route and alternative route along with the carbon footprint.

  • The company has conducted various testing for its new feature and it will ensure that there is no significant compromise on route distances for eco-friendly path.

  • Google will start giving warning signals to drivers while travelling through low emissions zones where some vehicles are restricted.



The company has used data based on testing across different types of cars and road types. It has also made use of details such as slopes and inclines from its own Street View cars feature.

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