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Global outage of WhatsApp and Instagram

Date: 07 October 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


Facebook owned social media companies WhatsApp and Instagram faced major global outage, which left them inaccessible for many users.



Many users across the globe, including India were affected by the incident. They were not able to send or receive messages on these platforms.



  • Facebook has about 41 crore users in India. Instagram and WhatsApp have 21 crore and 53 crore Indian users respectively.

  • A similar outage was recorded in February. About four major WhatsApp outages have occurred till recently. The major one lasted for about three hours.


The reasons for outage

  • Cyber security experts say that it was most probably not a cyber attack as the technology behind the platforms is still different.

  • It is difficult to target all platforms simultaneously for such a long duration. The message showed during access request was DNS error.

  • The company said that the outage was caused by internal networking issues and rumours of data breaches and cyber attacks were false.

  • The outage cut-off communications between the data centres of the company that gave rise to cascading effect. The servers got cut-off from each other.

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