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News in Short

News in Short - 29-August-2020

Bacteria can survive Cosmic trip

Date: 29 August 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Scientists have found a radiation-resistant bacteria can survive at least three years exposed in orbit, suggesting simple life forms could manage the long journey between Earth and Mars unprotected.
  • The Japanese scientists behind the research said Wednesday the finding lends credence to so-called "panspermia theory", which posits that microbes can travel from one planet to another, seeding life on arrival.
  • To test the theory, the researchers deposited a bacteria called Deinococcus radiodurans outside the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 kilometres (250 miles) from the Earth.
  • Despite enduring the harsh environment of outer space and exposure to strong UV and large temperature changes, the bacteria was still alive in parts after three years.

Singapore plans to increase minimum qualifying salaries for foreigners

Date: 29 August 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Singapore's Ministry of Manpower is planning to increase the minimum qualifying salary to $3,659 for entry-level employment pass for foreigners in the financial services sector.
  • The salaries are being raised for foreigners entering the Singapore workforce under Employment Pass (EP) following Singaporeans job loss concerns raised during the July 2020 general elections.
  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said it supports the move by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
  • The increase in salary will provide further support for the hiring of Singaporeans in the financial services sector.
  • For EP candidates in the financial services sector, this will be increased by a further 500 dollars to 5,000 dollars from December 1. It is the first time the manpower ministry is setting higher qualifying salaries for a specific sector.

Carbon emissions to come down by 8% due to lockdown

Date: 29 August 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Due to the COVID-19 lockdown across India this year’s carbon emissions are predicted to fall by around 8%, according to government sources.
  • The pandemic has given a lot of challenges but it has given the opportunity to jump start the economies, rebuild societies through recovery plans, and focus on climate change and environment conservation.
  • Such industries require direct extractions of resources from the forest or rely on ecosystem services such as healthy soil, clean water, and a stable climate. Due to many reasons species are being lost and many have gone extinct, that has disrupted the eco-system.
  • Due to the pandemic, many businesses need to change their models of sustainability and understand that we all need to take ownership of the future.

China fires missiles into South China Sea

Date: 29 August 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • China has launched two medium-range missiles into the South China Sea in warning to the United States, triggering World War 3 fears in the region.
  • The move came one day after China said a US U-2 spy plane entered a no-fly zone without permission. Officials have told that the missile launch was intended to send a warning to the United States.
  • The missiles were launched towards the Paracel Islands and the south-east of the Hainan province to the south of the Chinese mainland.
  • It is also understood the missiles were aimed at showcasing China's ability to deny any force entering the South China Sea.

Walmart joins Microsoft in bidding for TikTok

Date: 29 August 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Walmart is the latest company to want a piece of TikTok, the popular Chinese-owned video app that has come under fire from the Trump administration.
  • The world's largest retailer made a joint bid with tech giant Microsoft to buy TikTok's US business.
  • Microsoft and Walmart are already business partners. Microsoft provides cloud computing services that help run the retailer's stores and online shopping.
  • TikTokhas gained 100 million US users. But the White House is pushing TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance to sell its US business if it wants to keep operating in the country, citing security risks.