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News in Short

News in Short - 29-June-2021

Dinosaurs thrived in Arctic climate

Date: 29 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Dinosaur species large and small made the Arctic their year-round home and probably developed wintering strategies like hibernation or growing insulating feathers, according to a new study.
  • The study is the result of more than a decade's worth of painstaking fossil excavations, and puts to rest the notion that the ancient reptiles lived only in hotter climes.
  • Either the dinosaurs were permanent polar residents, or they migrated to the Arctic and Antarctic to take advantage of seasonally abundant warm resources, and possibly to reproduce.
  • The species uncovered include duck-billed dinosaurs called hadrosaurs, horned dinosaurs such as ceratopsians, and carnivores like tyrannosaurus.

India and Greece seek respect for territorial integrity

Date: 29 June 2021 Tags: India & World
  • India and Greece have held discussions over the situation in Cyprus during the visit of External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar to Athens.
  • They agreed that the rule of law and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity are fundamental principles of international relations and must be observed by all.
  • The condition in nearby Republic of Cyprus has become tense in the backdrop of Ankara’s plan to mark the anniversary of 1974 invasion of the island by Turkish forces.
  • The visit has drawn opposition from the Republic of Cyprus as well as from the EU that has urged him to avoid escalating tension in the region.
  • Turkey has refused to tow the Indian line on issues like Kashmir and has repeatedly supported the Pakistani position on Kashmir drawing strong protest from India.

Sajan Prakash becomes first Indian to win ‘A’ standard Olympic quota

Date: 29 June 2021 Tags: Sports
  • Sajan Prakash became the first Indian ever to clear the ‘A’ standard of international swimming, clocking 1:56.38 minutes in the 200m butterfly.
  • The Games 'A' standard was set at 1:56.48 seconds and the 27-year-old swimmer from Kerala completed the run 0.10 seconds faster at the FINA-accredited Olympic qualifier.
  • Sajanshot to fame after the National Games of 2015 when he won six gold medals and three silver medals.

UK health minister Matt Hancock resigns

Date: 29 June 2021 Tags: Appointments & Resignations
  • U.K. Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigned a day after apologising for breaching social distancing rules with an aide with whom he was allegedly having an affair.
  • Mr. Hancock had been under growing pressure since the tabloid Sun newspaper published images showing him and senior aide getting intimate in an office at the Department of Health.
  • Sajid Javid will replace Mr. Hancock as health secretary. Mr. Javid was also home secretary in then Prime Minister Theresa May's government.

Deepika Kumari wins gold medals in Archery world cup

Date: 29 June 2021 Tags: Sports
  • Deepika Kumari completed a hat-trick of gold medals at the Archery World Cup Stage 3 in Paris after winning the women’s individual recurve event.
  • Deepika Kumari beat Elena Osipova of Russia 6-0 in the final to clinch her third gold medal at the tournament. Deepika has also won the top prize in the mixed team and women's individual recurve events.
  • She teamed up with her husband Atanu Das to beat the Netherlands duo of Sjef van den Berg and Gabriela Schloesser 5-3.
  • Before that Deepika, Ankita Bhakat and Komalika Bari defeated Mexico to win gold in the women's recurve team event.