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News in Short

News in Short - 22-January-2020

HiRISE camera records ice shift on Mars' crater

Date: 22 January 2020 Tags: Space
  • The HiRISE camera on-board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA, monitoring InSight’s landing site in the Elysium Planitia region of Mars has observed an unique phenomenon.
  • The floor of the impact crater caries icy deposits and the GIF made from HiRISE images showcase the change of ice deposits as they shrink, expand, and change shape or surface texture.
  • The images from the HiRISE camera suggest that the red planet is far from being a static place.

WHO convenes emergency panel on Corona virus

Date: 22 January 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) will convene an emergency committee on the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) under the International Health Regulations.
  • The Emergency Committee will ascertain whether the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern, and what recommendations should be made to manage it.
  • In India, as of today, there are no cases detected on community surveillance or contact tracing but a travel advisory has been issued.

J P Nadda elected BJP president

Date: 22 January 2020 Tags: Appointments & Resignations
  • JP Naddawas elected unopposed as the BJP national president after he emerged as the only leader in the fray. He was earlier the working president of the party.
  • Nadda is seen as seasoned organisation man, who was associated with the AkhilBharatiyaVidyarthiParishad(ABVP) from his college days before joining the youth wing of the BJP and rising through its ranks.
  • Nadda has also served as a minister in the BJP governments in Himachal Pradesh and at the Centre.

IMF lowers India’s growth estimate

Date: 22 January 2020 Tags: Reports & Indices
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lowered growth estimate for India to 4.8 per cent for 2019, citing stress in the non-bank financial sector and weak rural income growth as the major factors for the downward revision.
  • India saw a sharp 1.2 percentage point cut to its 2020 growth forecast to 5.8%, the IMF’s biggest markdown for any emerging market, because of the domestic credit crunch.
  • Monetary and fiscal stimulus is expected to lift India’s growth rate back to 6.5% in 2021, which is still lower than the early estimates.
  • The reductions reflect the IMF’s reassessment of economic prospects for a number of major emerging markets, notably India, where domestic demand has slowed more sharply than expected amid a contraction of credit and stress in the non-bank sector.

Zomato acquires Uber Eats

Date: 22 January 2020 Tags: Services
  • Zomato has announced acquisition of Uber’s food delivery business, Uber Eats, in India in an all-stock deal.
  • The deal, which gives Uber 9.99% ownership in Zomato, underlines the U.S.-listed company’s effort to cut back on loss-making business segments globally.
  • Following the acquisition, Uber Eats in India will discontinue operations and direct restaurants, delivery partners, and users of the Uber Eats apps to the Zomato platform.