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News in Short

News in Short - 21-April-2020

Balanced diet key to strengthening immune system

Date: 21 April 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • A balanced diet comprising nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals and curd coupled with a healthy lifestyle are the key to boost the immune system, a focal point in the fight against coronavirus, according to the premier nutrition institute under the union health ministry.
  • Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and phytonutrients that are primarily available in fruits, nuts, vegetables and wholegrains enhance both native and adaptive immune function and prevent infection among others.
  • Micronutrients also aid immune memory formation that helps prevent reinfection with the same pathogen, help scavenge toxins produced in large quantities in the body during infection and immune response, and increase beneficial probiotic bacteria in the intestine among other benefits.

MHA writes to Kerala government for violating lockdown orders

Date: 21 April 2020 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has written to the Kerala government for violation of lockdown measures as it allowed public buses and barber shops to open from April 20.
  • The Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said that the Kerala government had circulated some revised guidelines on April 17 and allowed activities that were prohibited under the lockdown measures. The letter said that the State government should rectify the guidelines and ensure strict compliance of the measures.
  • The additional activities allowed by the Kerala government are local workshops, barber shops, restaurants, book stores, MSMEs in municipal limits, bus travel in the cities and towns for short distances, two passengers in the back seat of cars, pillions on scooters, which amounts to violation of the MHA order.

Telangana to extend lockdown till May 7

Date: 21 April 2020 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management
  • The Telangana government on Sunday decided to extend the lockdown till May 7 and not to give any relaxation. Chief minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao made the announcement after the cabinet meeting.
  • The state had earlier extended the lockdown till April 30. Though the Centre subsequently extended the nation-wide lockdown by May 3, the state cabinet decided to extend it further by four days.
  • The Chief Minister said the cabinet took the decision not to give any relaxation after analysing the issue from all angles. An intensive survey shows that 95 per cent of the people are in favour of continuing the lockdown without relaxations.

Government bans e-commerce platforms from delivering non-essential items

Date: 21 April 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • The government has announced that the supply of non-essential goods by e-commerce companies will remain prohibited during the coronavirus lockdown.
  • The government had earlier allowed the sale of mobile phones, refrigerators, clothes, television sets and laptops through e-commerce platforms. However, the decision had invited criticism from the Confederation of Indian Traders (CAIT) which called it 'unjust'.
  • The move is likely to come as a jolt to e-commerce companies which had begun preparing to resume full-scale operation and hoped this would help revive the retail economy.

Goa becomes COVID-19 free

Date: 21 April 2020 Tags: Disaster & Disaster Management
  • Goa has became the first zero COVID-19 State in the country with the last seven positive cases also turning negative.
  • This makes Goa the first green State in the country with no case of coronavirus being reported from April 3. The coastal State had a total of seven positive cases, of whom six had travel history and one was the brother of a positive patient.
  • Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that from April 20, the government would scrutinise reports of its three-day door-to-door citizens survey done last week and decide on testing people for COVID-19 wherever felt necessary.