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News in Short

News in Short - 15-November-2020

Kannada journalist Ravi Belagere passes away

Date: 15 November 2020 Tags: Obituaries
  • Noted journalist and Kannada writer Ravi Belagere, 62, died of a cardiac arrest in Bengaluru in wee hours of Friday.
  • Ravi Belagere was also a novelist and translator. He was also the owner and editor of a Kannada tabloid Hai Bangalore. He also started Prarthana, a noted school in South Bengaluru.
  • Ravi Belagere's tabloid was widely read for its extensive coverage of the underworld. His columns such as LoveLavike, KhaasBaat and Paapigala Lokadalli were popular.
  • Many of his columns were brought out as books. Hailing from the border district of Ballari, he also translated several Telugu works.

Retail inflation increases upto 7.61% in October

Date: 15 November 2020 Tags: Reports & Indices
  • Retail inflation inched up to 7.61 percent in October, driven by rising food prices and remaining above the comfort level of the Reserve Bank.
  • According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released by the government, inflation stood at 7.27 percent in September 2020. It was 4.62 percent in October 2019. The rise in general inflation was mainly on account of elevated food prices.
  • The Consumer Food Price Index (CFPI) rose to 11.07 percent in October, up from 10.68 percent in the previous month of September.
  • The RBI, which mainly factors in retail inflation while arriving at key policy rates, has been mandated by the government to keep inflation at 4 percent (+, - 2 per cent).

Actor Asif Basra passes away

Date: 15 November 2020 Tags: Obituaries
  • Actor Asif Basra, known for starring in movies such as “Jab We Met”, “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai” and “Kai Po Che!”, died by suicide. He was 53.
  • In his over two decade-long career, Basra played supporting parts in many critically-acclaimed features like “Black Friday”, “Parzania” and “Outsourced”.
  • Basra also starred in TV series such as PataalLok. He was last seen in season 2 of the web series Hostages, which released earlier this year.

New genus of tree frog discovered in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Date: 15 November 2020 Tags: Biodiversity
  • A team of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai researchers have found a new genus of frogs in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and India’s northeast.
  • The genus has been named Rohanixalus after Sri Lankan taxonomist Rohan Pethiyagoda. A genus is a category of classification of animals, plants above a species and below a family. It can include one or many similar species.
  • Rohanixalus is the 20th recognised genus of the Rhacophoridae family and comprises eight out of the 422 known Old World Tree Frog species in Asia and Africa.
  • The researchers studied aspects such as external morphology, calls, breeding biology, etc of tree frog species distributed across South, Southeast, and East Asia and confirmed that they represent a new genus.

New marine ornamental Shrimp species discovered in Lakshadweep

Date: 15 November 2020 Tags: Biodiversity
  • Scientists from the National Bureau of Fish Genetics Resources have discovered new varieties of ornamental shrimp in the Lakshadweep coral reef environment, which will be a boon for the growing ornamental fish industry in the country.
  • Scientists said that the ornamental shrimp industry could gain substantially from the discovery. At present, an ornamental shrimp costs about ?1,000 a piece. The move now is to reduce the cost to spread the culture of ornamental shrimp keeping.
  • The discovery will help boost marine ornamental aquaculture and aquarium keeping, which is a multi-million dollar industry. The demand for marine invertebrates such as soft corals, sea anemones, shrimps, crabs, and sea lilies was increasing.