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News in Short

News in Short - 14-August-2019

Experimental Ebola drugs are saving lives in Congo

Date: 14 August 2019 Tags: Biotechnology
  • Ebola may soon be preventable and treatable disease after trial of two drugs showed significantly improved survival rates.
  • More than 90% of infected people can survive if treated early with the drugs, research has shown.
  • The drugs are named REGN-EB3 and mAb114 work by attacking the Ebola virus with antibodies.
  • The drug mAb114 was developed from survivors of Ebola while REGN-EB3 comes from mice infected with Ebola virus.

New Galaxies discovered

Date: 14 August 2019 Tags: Space
  • Astronomers have discovered 39 large galaxies by combining results obtained from various telescopes from around the world.
  • Some huge galaxies that are over a billion years old and hidden from human eye. The revelations have pointed towards the pattern galaxies and shed light on huge black holes at their center.
  • The ALMA array, a powerful satellite was required to detect the light, the wavelength of which sometimes is on sub-millimeter levels.
  • This is the first time that such a large population of massive galaxies was confirmed during first 2 billion years of 13.7 billion year life of universe.

Women’s Cricket to be part of Commonwealth Games 2020

Date: 14 August 2019 Tags: Sports
  • The commonwealth games federation has announced that Women’s T20 cricket has been confirmed for inclusion at Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022.
  • Eight teams will compete across eight match days, as cricket returns to Commonwealth Games for the 1st time since 1998.
  • The last time cricket was part of commonwealth games was in 1998 when South Africa won the Gold medal in 50 over match.

Tripura’s NLFT faction surrenders arms

Date: 14 August 2019 Tags: Tackling Security Threats
  • A faction of Tripura’s NLFT armed group have surrendered their arms and adopted government package for rehabilitation.
  • This has been possible after center assured them of grants of Rs 100 crore for development of tribals.
  • The government has also promised to provide free vocational training with a stipend of Rs 6,000 per month to anyone who wishes to take up that training.
  • The NLFT was formed on March 12, 1989 with agenda of sovereign Tripura by seceding from India.

Indian Vehicle sales drop by 31%

Date: 14 August 2019 Tags: Industries
  • Sales of passenger cars have declined by over 30.98%, the steepest fall registered in two decades.
  • The result has been 15,000 job cuts in ancillary sectors but Original equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have not yet resorted to job cuts.
  • The fall in car sales has come at a time when demand for consumer goods is falling and is a major sign of an economic slowdown in India due to liquidity crunch.
  • The liquidity crunch has been attributed to major failure in country’s domestic banking sector owing to various cases of default by creditors.