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News in Short

News in Short - 09-October-2020

Tripura launches bamboo rice

Date: 09 October 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • After bamboo cookies and bamboo bottles, Tripura has now launched ‘bamboo rice’, an exotic variety of rice derived from flower blossoms in bamboo trees. The special rice is claimed to have high protein, anti-joint pain, and anti-diabetic benefits.
  • It is Claimed that the bamboo rice is beneficial in boosting immunity and has high protein content. It would go a long way in boosting the state’s entrepreneurship.
  • Odisha is famous for bamboo rice. While bamboo rice or mulayari grows only once in several years, in case a dying bamboo shoot flowers and leaves its seed in it. Muli bamboo, which is commonly grown in Tripura, is particularly favourable for this sweet, wheaty, nutritious bamboo rice.

Nobel prize in Chemistry

Date: 09 October 2020 Tags: Honours & Awards
  • Emmanuelle Charpentier of France and Jennifer Doudna of the U.S. have won the Nobel Chemistry Prize for the gene-editing technique known as the CRISPR-Cas9 DNA snipping "scissors".
  • It is for the first time a Nobel science prize has gone to a women-only team. Using these, researchers can change the DNA of animals, plants and microorganisms with extremely high precision.
  • The CRISPR/Cas9 tool has already contributed to significant gains in crop resilience, altering their genetic code to better withstand drought and pests.
  • The technology has also led to innovative cancer treatments, and many experts hope it could one day make inherited diseases curable through gene manipulation.

UGC identifies fake universities

Date: 09 October 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) had announced a list of 24 “self-styled, unrecognised institutions” in the country, terming them as “fake”.
  • These unrecognised institutions are functioning in contravention of the UGC Act, which have been declared as fake universities and these are not empowered to confer any degree.
  • While eight of these universities are from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi has seven, and Odisha and West Bengal two each. Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Puducherry and Maharashtra have one such fake university each.

New crab species named after Namdapha forests

Date: 09 October 2020 Tags: Biodiversity
  • Scientists have identified a new species of freshwater crab in Namdapha forests of Arunachal Pradesh. TheAbortelphusanamdaphaensis is a small freshwater crab species specifically identified in Namdapha forests.
  • Namdapha (named a National Park in 1983) is known for its rich biodiversity, and believed to be the rare area that harbours four large cats: tigers, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and leopards.
  • The Abor Hills, bordered by the Mishmi Hills and Miri Hills, are historically known for the Abor Expedition. The expedition had thrown up a plethora of new floral and faunal species, making it a zoological and botanical expedition as well.

Supreme court judgement on Shaheen Bagh protests

Date: 09 October 2020 Tags: Judiciary & Judgments
  • The Supreme Court has delivered a judgement on the Shaheen Bagh protest case. It was deciding on a batch of petitions for directing clearing of the protest site.
  • The court said it wants to make it clear that public places cannot be occupied indefinitely whether in Shaheen Bagh in Delhior elsewhere.
  • The sort of protests like Shaheen Bagh are not acceptable and authorities should act to keep such spaces free from obstruction.
  • It said that it appreciates the right to peacefully protest and it can be held at designated places only. In a parliamentary democracy, protests can happen in parliament and on roads. But on roads, it has to be peaceful.
  • The court had earlier noted that there cannot be a "universal policy" since circumstances may "vary" from case-to-case.