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News in Short

News in Short - 04-March-2022

Roman Abrahomovich to sell Chelsea FC

Date: 04 March 2022 Tags: Sports
  • Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovichhas made a decision to sell the Premier League club, pledging that proceeds would go to victims of the war in Ukraine.
  • The dramatic development comes days after Abramovich said he was handing over control of Chelsea to trustees of its charitable foundation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Abramovich, alleged to have close links to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has not been named on a growing British sanctions list targeting Russian banks, businesses and pro-Kremlin tycoons.

Trade deficit widens past $21 bn

Date: 04 March 2022 Tags: Reports & Indices
  • India’s merchandise exports rose 22.3% to $33.81 billion in February, while imports shot up 35% to surpass $55 billion, widening the trade deficit to $21.2 billion, as per preliminary foreign trade estimates.
  • The trade deficit, which shrank to about $17 billion in January, had earlier hit a record $22.9 billion in November 2021, and had averaged $21.7 billion between September and December.
  • Fertiliser imports surged more than sevenfold last month to touch $1.6 billion, while coal imports more than doubled to $2.8 billion.

Space junk on collision course with Moon

Date: 04 March 2022 Tags: Space
  • A space junk is set to crash on the surface of Moon. It is assumed to be a leftover part of a Chinese launch rocket.
  • The leftover rocket will smash into the far side of the moon at 5,800 mph. It may take weeks, even months, to confirm the impact through satellite images.
  • The collision poses no threat to humans or other spacecraft. However, there is concern that the moon is becoming a dumping ground for space junk.

Kherson becomes first Ukrainian city to fall

Date: 04 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Ukrainian forces have retreated from the city, making Kherson the first major city in Ukraine to fall under Russian control since the invasion began.
  • The strategic port city of 290,000 people near the Black Sea came under siege as Russian forces pressed ahead with their offensive across other urban centres.
  • Another key Ukrainian port, Berdiansk, has already been seized by Russian troops, while Mariupol has repelled attacks.

UNGA asks Russia to pull back troops

Date: 04 March 2022 Tags: India & World
  • India abstained as the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted 141-5 (35 abstentions) to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, calling on Moscow to unconditionally withdraw its troops.
  • The General Assembly session was convened after a similar resolution had failed to pass the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) when Russia exercised its veto.
  • The resolution, co-sponsored by 96 countries, needed two thirds of those present and voting to support it, for it to pass.