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News in Short

News in Short - 02-January-2021

Trump extends immigration ban

Date: 02 January 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • U.S. President Donald Trump has extended a pair of immigration bans that block many "green card" applicants and temporary foreign workers from entering the country.
  • The bans were set to expire on Dec. 31, but will be extended until March 31, 2021. A broad range of businesses oppose the ban on certain foreign workers.
  • President-elect Joe Biden has criticised the restrictions, but has not yet said whether he would immediately reverse them.
  • In October, a federal judge in California blocked Trump’s ban on foreign guest workers as it applied to hundreds of thousands of U.S. businesses that fought the policy in court.

Britain leaves European single market

Date: 02 January 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Britain’s half a century relationship with European states ended with its departure from the block. With the move, British will have its independent economic and custom laws.
  • Legally, Britain left the EU on January 31, but it has been in a transition period with talks to secure a free-trade agreement with Brussels, which was finally clinched on Christmas Eve.
  • Once the transition ends, EU rules will no longer apply, with the immediate consequence being an end to the free movement of more than 500 million people between Britain and the 27 EU states.
  • Britain is the first member state to leave the EU, which was set up to forge unity after the horrors of World War II.

Australia to change word in anthem to honour indigenous people

Date: 02 January 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous
  • Australia has changed one word in its national anthem to reflect “the spirit of unity” and the country’s indigenous population.
  • The second line of the anthem, Advance Australia Fair, has been changed from “For we are young and free” to “For we are one and free.” The change took effect January 1.
  • The change comes less than two months after New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian expressed support for indigenous Australians who said the national anthem did not reflect them and their history.
  • Advance Australia Fair was composed by Peter Dodds McCormick and first performed in 1878. It was adopted as the national anthem in 1984.

Hero of operation Meghdoot, Col. Kumar dies

Date: 02 January 2021 Tags: Obituaries
  • Colonel Narendra Kumar, who contributed greatly to Indian Army’s move into the Siachen Glacier and was fondly known as ‘bull’, died in Delhi. He was 87-years-old.
  • Colonel Kumar had led an Army expedition to the Siachen Glacier in April 1984. The Indian Army’s expedition aided the then government to launch Operation Meghdoot.
  • The troupe led by Colonel Kumar eventually went on to acquire Saltoro range, which meant they had essentially occupied Siachen.
  • Colonel Kumar had skied down all the passes leading to the glacier to establish the world's highest battlefield. He also led expeditions to nine other Himalayan mountain peaks that were above the altitude of 24,000 feet.

Former Hockey player Michael Kindo passes away

Date: 02 January 2021 Tags: Obituaries
  • India’s 1975 hockey World Cup-winning and 1972 Olympics bronze winning team member Michael Kindo passed away. He was 73.
  • Kindo was bestowed with the Arjuna Award in 1972. Kindo, a full back in his playing days, was a member of the team that won the lone World Cup for India in 1975 in Kuala Lumpur, beating arch-rivals Pakistan in the final.
  • He was also in the team that won a bronze medal in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. He scored three goals in that edition of the Games.