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Date: 03 March 2019

Kanyashree is an initiative taken by the Government of West Bengal to improve the life and the status of the girls by helping economically backward families with cash so that families do not arrange the marriage of their girl child before eighteen years because of economic problem. The purpose of this initiative is to uplift those girls who are from poor families and thus can’t pursue higher studies due to tough economic conditions. It has been given international recognition by the United Kingdoms Department of International Development and the UNICEF.

  • The scheme has two components: 1. Annual scholarship of Rs. 750.00 2. One time grant of Rs. 25,000.00
  • The annual scholarship is for unmarried girls aged 13-18 years enrolled in class VIII-XII
  • government recognized regular or equivalent open school or vocational / technical training courses.
  • Recently the bar of income is withdrawn by Gov. W.B. now every girl can apply for that scheme. The CTC process was invented in the 1930s by Sir William McKercher in Assam, India. The process spread in the 1950s throughout India and Africa. Today, most black tea produced around the world uses the CTC method. The finished product results in tea well-suited for tea bags, is strongly flavored, and quick to infuse. With reference to the characteristics of hot deserts, consider the following statements:
  • 1. Most of the hot deserts lie between 15 â—‹ and 30 â—‹ parallels of latitude in both the hemispheres.
  • 2. They lies in the western parts of continents where trade winds are off shore.
  • 3. They are under the influence of cold ocean currents. and 3
  • Statement 1 is correct, almost all deserts lies in between 15o and 30o parallels of latitude north and south of the equator. barring few deserts which are mid latitude deserts rest all are trade wind deserts or tropical hot deserts.
  • Statement 2 is correct, they lie in the trade wind belt on the western parts of continents. Here trade winds are offshore bringing literally no rainfall causing dryness.
  • Statement 3 is correct, cold currents produces desicating effect resulting into less precipitation as moisture is not easily condensed.