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Date: 09 February 2021

UK citizenship offer a twist in Hong Kong tale | Pioneer

  • Hong Kong was once known as world-class trade centre
  • At present, it is encountering an ever-aggressive mainland China
  • June 2020 - National Security Law
  • When Hong Kong was handed over to China by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to Deng Xiaoping, President of China then, there was a call for issuing this kind of unique citizenship offer from Britain.
  • However, such measures were not considered by the Government of the UK during that time in July 1997.
  • Last year, UK, the former colonial master of the city, proposed a citizenship offer to the islanders.
  • On 11/11/20 the Chinese parliament decided that any Hong Kong legislator who promote or support Hong Kong independence, refuse to recognise China’s sovereignty over Hong Kong, seek foreign countries to interfere in the affairs of Hong Kong, or endanger the national security of Hong Kong will be held guilty of the breach of the parliamentary oath and will be disqualified from the membership of the Hong Kong Legislative Council with immediate effect.
  • Further, the mainland authorities have also committed to maintain a unique administrative system called “One Country, Two Systems”
  • Beijing will follow the Communist pattern and this Hongkong will carry on with the capitalist system of economy and polity
  • Regina Ip, a member of the Executive Council and Legislative Council of Hong Kong - those who obtain foreign nationality should be stripped of the right of abode.
  • This month the Chinese Government announced that it will no longer recognise British National (Overseas) passport as a valid travel document or as a form of identification.

Caution! |Pioneer

  • Catastrophe in Uttarakhand
  • Mother Nature does whatever it takes to maintain its balance
  • It’s ironical that the “climate change” debate occupies the centre stage only in the aftermath of such calamities.
  • The 2013 flash flood killed more than 5,500 people
  • What we are doing is trying to control the damage
  • Our approach should be sustainable
  • All our attempts to overpower nature will prove counterproductive
  • The latest tragedy has unnerved environmental scientists as it happened on a clear winter day.
  • The Defence Research and Development Organisation is investigating but has not been able to determine the exact cause that triggered the glacier burst near Raini village in Chamoli district.
  • It resulted in the sudden rise of water which washed away the under-construction Rishi Ganga hydel project and damaged the Dhauli Ganga hydel project.
  • Merely levying the carbon cess, especially on the poor nations, will hardly serve any purpose.
  • At least 202 people are missing, with the number expected to rise, and 18 bodies recovered.
  • It is definitely a failure on the part of successive governments, global organisations and institutes, besides the lack of synchronised efforts to deal with climate change.

Troubled mountains

  • A significant slice of the glacier, dislodged by a landslide, according to some satellite images, produced roaring torrents in the Rishiganga and Dhauliganga rivers in Chamoli district, trapping unsuspecting workers at two hydro power project sites.
  • India is heavily invested in dam development and growth of hydropower, largely in the Himalaya region — especially to cut carbon emissions.
  • Red flags have been raised repeatedly, particularly after the moderate quake in 1991 in the region where the Tehri dam was built and the 2013 floods that devastated Kedarnath, pointing to the threat from seismicity, dam-induced microseismicity, landslides and floods from a variety of causes, including unstable glacial lakes and climate change.
  • By one estimate, if the national plan to construct dams in 28 river valleys in the hills is realised in a few decades, the Indian Himalayas will have one dam for every 32 km, among the world’s highest densities.
  • There is also some evidence that the life of dams is often exaggerated, and siltation, which reduces it, is grossly underestimated: in the Bhakra dam in Himachal Pradesh, for instance, siltation was higher by 140% than calculated.

Get it right | ToI

  • Two public sector banks and one general insurer are to be privatised.
  • Privatisation of banks has been a politically tricky issue
  • Intent needs to be backed by sound strategy.
  • After three rounds of consolidation public sector banks have shrunk from 27 in March 2017 to 12 in April 2020.
  • Banking is identified as a strategic sector where the government wants to retain a “minimum” presence.
  • Remember the attempt to sell Air India?
  • Sell sounder banks. No one will buy a weak bank
  • Bids shouldn’t be restricted to Indian buyers as foreign banks have been present in India for long.

PM’s outreach | Tribune

  • PM Modi: end agitation and give agriculture reforms a chance
  • He said that India is ‘very proud’ of the Sikh community’s contribution
  • Time-tested MSP regime would continue
  • ‘FDI (foreign destructive ideology)’
  • He has warned the country against the ‘andolan jivi’, the elements who are ready to jump into any protest, be it of the farmers, lawyers or students.
  • The PM needs to go beyond mere assurances and engage directly with farmers on the ground.

First steps in the journey to universal health care

  • About 20 years ago, Thailand rolled out universal health coverage for its population
  • Three decade-long tradition of investing gradually but steadily in public health infrastructure and manpower
  • This meant that alongside the availability of funds, there also existed robust institutional capacity to assimilate those funds.
  • Covid 19 lesson for India - steady and incremental path to universal health coverage
  • The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare budget for 2021-22, viz. ₹73,932 crore, saw a 10.2% increase over the Budget estimate (BE) of 2020-21 — a modest increase even nominally.
  • Also, a corpus of ₹64,180 crore over six years has been set aside under the PM Atma Nirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana, (PMANSBY) for strengthening health institutions, and ₹13,192 crore has been allocated as a Finance Commission grant.
  • The BE for the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY), which covers over 50 crore poor Indians for hospital expenses up to ₹5 lakh per annum, has stagnated at ₹6,400 crore for the current and the preceding couple of years.
  • Available estimates have pegged the costs to be between ₹62,000 crore and ₹1,08,000 crore for 2021, if PM-JAY is to meet its stated commitments.
  • Another related issue is the persistent and large discrepancies between official coverage figures and survey figures (for e.g. the National Sample Surveys, or NSS, and National Family Health Survey) across Indian States, indicating that official public health insurance coverage fails to translate into actual coverage on the ground.
  • Health and Wellness Centres — 1,50,202 of them — offering a comprehensive range of primary health-care services are to be operationalised until December 2022.
  • Of these, 1,19,628 would be upgraded sub health centres and the remaining would be primary health centres and urban primary health centres.
  • As per early (conservative) estimates, turning a sub health centre into a health and wellness centre would require around ₹17.5 lakh, and around ₹8 lakh annually to run it thereafter.
  • The current allocation of ₹1,900 crore, an increase of ₹300 crore from previous year, is a paltry sum in comparison.


  • PM Modi says Minimum Support Price and APMC Mandis will continue; Calls upon farmers to give new farm laws a chance
  • Prime Minister Modi and US President Joe Biden discuss strategic partnership and rule-based international order
  • Massive rescue operation launched to evacuate trapped workers from Tapovan tunnel in Uttarakhand
  • Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to expand his Cabinet today
  • COVID-19: India becomes fastest country to reach six million vaccinations in world
  • Govt committed to boost indigenisation in defence forces: Rajnath Singh
  • 41.75 crore accounts opened so far under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Secretary of Ministry of Jal Shakti briefs media on budgetary allocations
  • Prime Minister to inaugurate World Sustainable Development Summit 2021 tomorrow
  • Protests continue against military government in Myanmar