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Date: 07 January 2020

The U.S. is weakened by Soleimani’s killing

  •  A handful of rockets fired into a military base in Kirkuk in Iraq killed a military contractor.
  • His death was avenged through U.S.air strikes against a pro-Iranian militia.

  • January 3: Qassem Soleimani the commander of the powerful Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
  •  He had been invited to the country by Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi.
  •  Iraqi PM was asked by the Trump administration to mediate between Iran and the U.S.

  • President Donald Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign forced Iran to withdraw its ‘strategic patience’ approach.
  • Soleimani and al-Muhandis were partners in the fight against the Islamic State.

  • Trump administration made a strategic mistake
  • senior Iranian official + diplomatic passport & Iraqi political leader
  •  These assassinations were seen in Iraq and Iran as a declaration of war.
  •  U.S. would “feel the impact” of its criminal act for “years ahead” .
  • “act of aggression against Iraq” that would “light the fuse of war” . Abdul-Mahdi Hassan Rouhani
  • 5 Jan, Iraqi parliament: expel the thousands of U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and deny them access to its airspace, land or water.
  • This is not an attack on Iran alone and pro-Iranian groups across the region will not sit quite.
  • Soleimani’s assassination has awakened the deep strain of Iranian patriotism.

  • Europeans like France, Germany, and the U.K. are supporting USA.
  • Iran’s ambassador to the UN, MajidTakht Ravanchi, wrote to the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, and the UN Security Council president to condemn the assassination.
  • China and Russia will table a resolution at the UN.
  • U.S. policy against Iran and Iraq appear desperate and irrational.

Doing away with ad hoc teachers

  •  There are an estimated 4,500 ad how teachers in Delhi University. Indian higher education system continues to be in shambles.
  •  Lack of job security among a vast majority of teachers.
  • Development experts say that a healthy and civilised society depends in part on the quality of higher education.
  • A fulfilled teacher can create a healthy society, a frustrated teacher can be equally destructive.
  • Colleen Wilcox: What hope will teachers instill in students when a Damocles’ sword constantly hangs over their heads?
  •  Such teachers do not receive the full salary and are exploited.
  •  Inevitably this leads to demand of tuition. Importance of human capital and skill acquisition in emerging economies.
  • Higher education is a core ingredient of development.
  • No matter how brilliant the mind of educators, if they are operating under the fear of expulsion or some other such threat, they are likely to be incapable of delivering the goods.

A case for including Tulu in the Eighth Schedule

  • 2001 Census: India has 30 languages that are spoken by more than a million people each.
  • 122 languages that are spoken by at least 10,000 people each.
  • 1,599 languages, most of which are dialects.
  • These are restricted to specific regions and many of them are on the verge of extinction.
  •  Article 29 of the Constitution provides that a section of citizens having a distinct language, script or culture have the right to conserve the same.
  • Actually, both the state and the citizens have an equal responsibility to conserve the distinct language, script and culture of a people.

 Sanskrit, an Eighth Schedulelanguage, has only 24,821 speakers (2011 Census).

  • Manipuri, another scheduled language,has only 17,61,079 speakers.
  • Bhili/Bhilodi has 1,04,13,637 speakers
  • Gondi has 29,84,453 speakers
  • Garo has 11,45,323; Ho 14,21,418;Khandeshi, 18,60,236; Khasi, 14,31,344; and Oraon, 19,88,350. Tulu is a textbook example oflinguistic discrimination.
  • Tulu is a Dravidian language whose speakers are concentrated in two coastal districts of Karnataka and in Kasaragod district of Kerala.
  • Robert Caldwell (1814-1891): “one of the most highly developed languages of the Dravidian family”. Tulu is not an official language in India or any other country. If included in the Eighth Schedule, Tulu would get recognition from the Sahitya Akademi. Books, MPs& MLAs can use it in the house, aspirants can write all-India competitive examinations in it etc.

The Yuelu Proclamation, made by the UNESCO at Changsha

  • “The protection and promotion of linguistic diversity helps to improve social inclusion and partnerships, helps to reduce the gender and social inequality between different native speakers, guarantee the rights for native speakers of endangered, minority, indigenous languages, as well as non-official languages and dialects to receive education, enhance the social inclusion level and social decision-making ability by encouraging them to participate in a series of actions to promote cultural diversity, endangered language protection, and the protection of intangible cultural heritage...
  • ” India has a lot to learn from the YueluProclamation
  •  Placing of all the deserving languages on equal footing will promote social inclusion and national solidarity.

JNU Issue

  • Rampage of the Jawaharlal Nehru university (JNU) in New Delhi on Sunday night by a mob of masked criminals.
  • The mob ransacked hostels and grievously wounded students, professors and staff. The street lights were turned off and the police personnel appeared to have given cover for the mob that leisurely walked away with abusive slogans.
  • The Delhi Police today said that they have found some vital clues in connection with yesterday's violence in JNU and it will solve this case very soon.
  • Delhi Police Spokesman M S Randhawa said that an FIR has been lodged in the matter and an investigation is underway.
  • Home Minister Amit Shah spoke to Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. Mr Shah had yesterday spoken to DelhiPolice Commissioner about the situation at JNU and ordered an inquiry by a senior police officer into the violence that broke out last evening.
  • Human Resource Development MinisterDr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has appealed to the students to maintain calm and peace on the campus and maintain the dignity of the university.
  • Concept of a ‘student’& ‘university’ .
  • Self-centred, self-absorbed buyers of education, whodo not concern themselves with social issues and who concentrate their energies on becoming successful sellers of labour-power on the job market.
  •  An individual who is socially sensitive, and uses education in the service of building a democratic, secular and egalitarian India, as visualised in our Constitution; one who subjects everything, including the government policy, to critical scrutiny.
  • The corresponding differing conceptions of a ‘university’ are: a site where skills (which are not the same as education) are sold; or, alternatively, a site where there is intense and informed critical engagement with the burning issues of our time.
  •  The students are the most youthful,energetic and hence active elements of the intelligentsia.


  •  JNU students, staff want V-C removed SC bats for children left out of Assam NRC
  • The Supreme Court on Monday ordered that children excluded from the National Register of Citizens for Assam but whose parents/guardians/caregivers were part of the final list, should not be sent to detention camps or separated from their loved ones at any cost.
  • Delhi poll on Feb. 8, counting on Feb. 11
  • 70-member Delhi Assembly
  •  The term of the existing Delhi Assembly expires on February 22.
  • New satellites will help Gaganyaancrew
  •  India plans to ring in its own era of space-to-space tracking and communication of its space assets this year by putting up a new satellite series called the Indian Data Relay Satellite System.
  •  The IDRSS is planned to track and be constantly in touch with Indian satellites, in particular, those in low-earth orbits which have limited coverage of earth.
  • Older space majors such as the U.S. and Russia started their relay satellite systems in the late 1970s-80s and a few already have around 10 satellites each.
  • ICAR to set up an innovation fund to help farmers
  • An innovation centre would be established in NewDelhi where the innovations would be scientifically validated.
  •  The intention was to link farmers and farming with science and to ensure that their farm practices were science-based..