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Date: 03 February 2021

Other nations should join India in repulsing China | Statesman

  • 9th round of Indo-China military talks - no progress
  • Chinese attempts to ingress in Naku La, Sikkim being thwarted
  • Chinese aircraft breaching Taiwanese airspace

  • China also threatened Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands
  • US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin reaffirmed that US is committed in defending Japan.
  • China gave a free hand to its coast guard to use force against foreign ships
  • Naku La clash, the Chinese spokesperson, Zhao Lijian stated, “I don’t have any information to offer. I would like to stress though the Chinese border troops are committed to upholding peace and tranquillity along the border with India.”
  • He added, “We urge the Indian side to work in the same direction with us and refrain from actions that might escalate or complicate the situation along the border. We hope both will take proper actions to manage the differences and take concrete actions to safeguard the peace and stability along the border.”
  • The ninth round of talks yielded nothing concrete.
  • The Global Times seeks to present a picture of Chinese cooperation with India.
  • Indian government decision to honour those killed in the Galwan clash with war time gallantry awards.
  • Currently, China is in a stalemate, unable to either advance without large casualties, or withdraw, as it would lead to loss of face.
  • China would relentlessly pursue their actions of salami slicing
  • China lost diplomatic war on Covid vaccine
  • India has created huge pressure on China’s technology related service.
  • China is the last nation which can approach WTO due to its own restrictive trade practices.
  • It is time for major powers to join hands, follow suit and push China on the defensive.

Democracy's dilemma | Pioneer

  • Myanmar’s fragile Government was overthrown in a recent coup.
  • The erstwhile Burma’s stint with democracy began only in 2011
  • The world witnessed the Capitol Hill attack and the Red Fort siege

  • Myanmar’s military generals remained the main adjudicator of the nation’s politics.
  • Arrested: Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint, the Cabinet Ministers, Opposition leaders, writers and human rights activists.
  • Suu Kyi has been the country’s de facto civilian leader since taking office in 2015.

  • US President Joe Biden has threatened to re-impose sanctions and called for a “concerted international response” pressuring the military leaders to abdicate power.
  • India, too, has expressed “deep concerns” over the developments and is “monitoring the situation” closely.

A global future | Millenium Post

  • India should manufacture more toys domestically
  • Nearly every state and region of India can boast of its own indigenous toys that have been perfected over generations.
  • They typically capitalise on the region's advantage — whether that lay in rich textiles, intricate woodwork or elaborate traditional pottery.


  • Estimated value: $1 billion
  • Tremendous manufacturing opportunities for both local and global players
  • The widespread availability of raw materials
  • 4,000 manufacturers in the sector
    • 75 per cent of whom are micro units
    • 22 per cent are small and medium enterprises
  • 17-point National Action Plan for Toys that will include need-based interventions for the development of the toys sector in 13 identified handicraft toy clusters.
  • Under this action plan, the Textiles Ministry has also proposed a National Toy Fair to be held between February 27 and March 2, 2021.
  • Public procurement of indigenous toys
  • Promote 'Make in India‘
  • Indigenous toy clusters
  • Drive consumer awareness campaigns
  • Implement quality control
  • Foster investments in the industry
  • The in-built diversity within the sector underscores India's capacity to become a viable alternative source for the global toy demand.
  • India offers a huge skilled labour force at a cheaper rate
  • State governments have established, or are establishing, toy clusters with plug and play facilities
  • In terms of exports, Maharashtra is leading with 32.6 per cent of India's toy export share, followed by Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, with 19.3 and 13.6 per cent respectively.
  • Other emerging states in the sector include Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • These clusters will cater both to traditional and modern toys, with a near equal distribution of resources and funds.

Climate Call | FinExp

  • The public opinion on the need for climate action has gotten stronger over the years, and governments that are reluctant to act could soon find themselves losing the favour of the governed.
  • A recent UN Development Programme (UNDP) poll—the first such ever—found that 64% of the respondents across the globe saw climate change as a global emergency.
  • The People’s Climate Vote surveyed 1.2 million people in 50 countries, on 18 key climate policies across six broad areas (energy, transport, economy, food and farms, nature, and protecting people); a large number of the respondents were youth.
  • People from island nations—these face the most risk from warming—overwhelmingly voted for climate action
  • The proportion of pro-climate-action respondents was higher in middle-income nations than developed countries
  • The developed countries growth over the past many decades has shrunk the emission room for other countries as they pursue growth
  • The poll also noted a direct correlation between the education level of respondents and responses favouring climate actions.
  • The poll findings present governments with the inevitable—they have to get proactive on climate or face rejection from the coming generation of voters/workers.
  • Trade action against goods/services with a heavy emission footprint could be one way to ensure action by governments that continue to resist climate science.


  • Proceedings in both houses of Parliament adjourned several times following Opposition uproar against 3 farm laws
  • Education Minister announces date sheet for CBSE Board Examinations
  • Investors continue to cheer Union Budget, Industrialists and Economists hail budget as visionary and reformative
  • National COVID-19 recovery rate reaches 97.05 per cent; Over 39,50,000 people vaccinated so far
  • Biggest Aero show of Asia to begin in Bengaluru tomorrow
  • Defence Minister felicitated for ordering 83 LCA Mark 1A fighter aircraft worth Rs 48,000 crore
  • NBCFDC signs MoU with Apollo Medskills Pvt Ltd for providing COVID Vaccine Administration training
  • Govt says, there is no proposal as of now to provide reservation to transgender people in education or jobs
  • Govt says, there is no proposal to give any compensation to families of farmers died during ongoing agitation against 3 farm laws
  • Govt said, there has been consistent decline in LWE violence and its geographical spread across country
  • United Nations Secretary-General's special envoy on Myanmar condemns military coup