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Date: 30 January 2021

Vaccine diplomacy | Pioneer

  • India has always been a helpful nation to the world
  • At present we are playing a key role in democratisation of acess to vaccine
  • Joe Biden + Antonio Guterres said, India’s vaccine production capacity is world’s BEST ASSET
  • We have assisted more than 150 countries through urgent health and medical supplies
  • We have pledged $15 million and 10 lakh vaccine doses to UN health workers under the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), the Vaccine Alliance, and plans to supply one crore doses to Africa
  • “Vaccine Maitri” initiative – neighbourhood
  • COVID-19 Emergency Fund - $10 million

  • India plans to gift the shots to Oman, 15 Caribbean Community countries, Nicaragua and the Pacific Island states.
  • Commercial exports of 2 million doses to Brazil and Morocco

US must take a call on terror-haven Pakistan | HT

  • Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – will walk free in Pak
  • Pak Supreme Court acquited him
  • He is involved in US journalist Daniel Pearl’s murder case
  • USA offered to take over the case and prosecute Sheikh in the nation.
  • In Pakistan, Sheikh’s acquittal is yet another evidence of the country’s tight embrace of terrorism.
  • The US knows that well, on a bipartisan basis.
  • In 2017, Hafiz Saeed was released
  • Saeed was thrown behind bars on the eve of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s July 2019 visit to Washington DC for a summit meeting with Trump.

India needs a harmonious and productive Parliament session | ToI

  • The budget session of Parliament.
  • This is a long session culminating on April 8 with a recess between February 15 and March 8.
  • It will be watched keenly, everybody is waiting for economy to fully revive
  • This is also the moment for the polity to unite in the pursuit of national goals.
  • The budget session is again beginning on a wrong note with many opposition parties boycotting the President’s address to both houses.
  • Walkouts don’t help either side.
  • The opposition cannot claim to have made its position on legislations clear as it did on the farm bills if it stays out of the house.
  • Similarly, passing bills without allowing the opposition a say can undermine the government’s reforms push.
  • Besides the budget, key bills like the Personal Data Protection Bill, which will have a huge bearing on India’s technology and startup ecosystem, are slated to be tabled.
  • Parliament functioning as it should will impart great confidence to citizens in overcoming last year’s economic setbacks and instill greater confidence in rebuffing strategic threats, like those posed by China.

A champion of science, propoor technology

  • The year 1910 was very significant for India and science.
  • This was the year two great Indian stars, the astrophysicist, Dr. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, or SC, and C. Subramaniam, or CS, were born.
  • Dr. Chandrasekhar was concerned about processes of importance in the evolution of stars in the universe.
  • Chandrasekhar explored space and propounded the concept of black holes.
  • The science of the universe was the call of Dr. Chandrasekhar.
  • Mr. Subramaniam was concerned about the problem of food security in India.
  • He sowed the seeds of the Green Revolution in Indian agriculture.
  • Championed the cause of science and technology to solve societal problems.
  • Science for humanity was the call of Mr. Subramaniam.
  • CS championed the cause of planned public investments in science.
  • This year, 2021, is significant for another reason — it is the golden jubilee year of the founding of India’s Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • CS called for the practice of science celebrated not only by other scientists but also by citizens and humanity.
  • The purpose of public investments in science must include its duty to ensure social and public good.
  • The blueprint for linking science and technology to the development path of India was cast by CS even before the formation of the dedicated Science and Technology Ministry.

The agro foundation

  • 4Es: Education, Environment, Economy and Empowerment of our farmers
  • The National Agro Foundation (NAF) was his gift to the nation on his 90th birthday.
  • Mr. Subramaniam was a leader among leaders and remains a living role model for generations to come.
  • No words of praise can fully capture the value of a life well lived.


  • PM Modi to chair all-party meeting today to put forth government's legislative agenda for Budget Session
  • India's GDP to grow at 11 per cent next fiscal as it makes V-Shaped recovery
  • Supreme Court panel holds talks with 17 farmer organisations from 11 states over Centre Farm Laws
  • Centre asks states to initiate COVID-19 vaccinations of frontline workers from 1st week of Feb
  • External affairs Minister and his US counterpart discuss ways to strengthen ties between two countries
  • Anna Hazare decides to call-off proposed hunger strike from today
  • PM Modi speaks to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, discusses impact of COVID pandemic
  • India joins the World to light up Qutub Minar as sign of Unity to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • HM Amit Shah visits hospital to enquire about health of Delhi Police personnel injured in tractor rally violence on Republic Day
  • WHO team begins COVID-19 investigation work, visits Wuhan hospital which treated early patients
  • India, Bangladesh to hold Home Secretary level talks in March